Videoconference Support

Technical support is provided by us during regular business hours (Monday to Friday).  If after-hours or weekend support is required, please arrange for a Student Operator to be on-site for the meeting.  For specific room support, please see below.

Kenny Englehart (Classroom Support Technician)

  • MacLaggan Hall - Rooms N015 - Support can be provided at the beginning of your class and is available if an emergency occurs (please note that the staff are located in Marshall d'Avray Hall, so there may be a delay).  Extensive training is required for these rooms, which can take between 30-90 minutes.  Please contact Classroom Support to schedule training well in advance of using the room.
  • Marshall d'Avray Hall - Rooms 126a and 126b - Full service is provided in these facilities.  We will be on hand to connect and provide any troubleshooting required (our office is just down the hall).  Minimal training is required (microphone and camera controls) and can be done just before your meeting.
  • Wu Conference Centre - For more information please visit the Wu Conference Centre website.