Who Can Request Equipment?

Equipment is available to UNB Faculty, Staff, Students, and external organizations.  Depending on the use of the equipment, and by whom, fees may apply.  Additional charges may apply is the equipment is returned late, damaged, or is lost.

UNB Faculty, Instructors, and Students Equipment is available for teaching and learning purposes at no charge.
UNB Staff Equipment is available to UNB staff at no charge, but is subject to availability.  Advanced reservations are not available.
UNB Organizations Student groups officially constituted with the Student Union may borrow equipment for their social activities at no charge.  Equipment must be signed out by a member of the groups executive.
Non-UNB Organizations Organizations external to UNB may rent equipment if it is available.  External rates + HST apply.
Residences Equipment is available at no charge, if the RLC or Proctor of the residence books the equipment and assumes responsibility for it.
Wu Conference Centre All requests for equipment to be used at the Wu Conference Centre must be initiated by the Wu Conference Centre staff.
Class Requirement To ensure that duplicate equipment is not booked for the same class (or event), faculty members who require students to make presentations in their class should initiate the request.