Equipment List

This page contains a list of audio-visual, multimedia, and instructional technology equipment available to borrow or rent, and their associated fees.  It also includes the hourly rate for student operators.  Note that, in general, equipment is available for free to UNB Faculty, Staff, and Students, some exceptions may apply (see Who can request equipment?).

Rental Information

Rates listed are daily rates.  Weekends are considered one day (Friday afternoon to Monday morning).  Internal rates apply only to UNB Faculty, Staff, or Students in those instances in which the equipment is being used for non-academic purposes (e.g. external events).  The external rate (plus HST) applies only to non-UNB organizations.  Please note there are some special conditions on the rental of some equipment.  All late equipment returns are subject to late fees.

Internal Rate External Rate  
Equipment Packages
Data Projector + Screen $75 $100 Digital Projector
Portable PA System + Microphone + Speakers $60 $80 PA System
GoPRO HERO4 + Mounting Equipment GoPRO HERO4
Equipment List
Audio Conference Unit (special conditions) $15 $30
Audio Mixer (Mixing board / Beachteck) $20 $30 Audio Mixer
Digital Audio Recorder (Tascam/Mevantz) $20 $30
Digital Voice Recorder (Olympus/Sony) $10 $20
Digital Camcorder (SLR) + Tripod $50 $75
Digital HD Camcorder (Vixia) + Tripod $50 $75
DVD player $10 $20
Flipchart Easel + Paper $20 $30
Portable Whiteboard Easel (doubles as paper flipchart)
Laptop Computer (special conditions)

PC - $30

Mac - $40

PC - $60

Mac - $80

Bee USB Recording Microphone Bee Mic
Lighting Kit $25 $50 Lighting Kits
Microphone (wired) $10 $20 RODE Mic
Microphone (wireless) $25 $50 Wireless Mic
Boom Microphone Boom Mic
RODE Audio Recording Microphone Rode Audio Recording Mic
Powered Speaker (Anchor) $20 $30 Powered Speaker (Anchor)
Projector Screen (multiple sizes) $20 $25 Screens
Tripod $10 $20
Digital Data Projector (special conditions) $60 $80 Digital Projector
Document Camera $50 $70
Student Operators
Hourly rate for event (minimum 2 hours) $20 $20 n/a