Classroom Technology Infrastructure

Classroom Technology & Services are the stewards of audio-visual, multimedia, and instructional technologies in UNBF classrooms.  We look after all aspects of technology, from initial design, installation, and maintenance.  Through the Teaching & Learning Spaces Working Group, we ensure the technology infrastructure is robust, seamlessly integrated, and standardized so that the experience for Faculty or Students is exceptional.  Requests or feedback on classroom renovations can be directed to Classroom Support, whom will ensure the working group is notified and will review the request/feedback.

Classroom Technology is renewed in one of two ways:Classroom Technology

  • Major Classroom Renovations - This occurs through the Teaching & Learning Spaces Working Group.  This broadly represented group ensures that all UNBF classrooms are prioritize and improved to increase the overall quality of our classrooms on campus.  This will include the technology component which we are a part of.  For more information please click here.
  • Classroom Technology Renewals - Classroom Technology & Services applies for priority funding every year to renew and maintain the technology infrastructure in classrooms.  This can range from simple equipment upgrades to implementing new technologies.  We also provide a pool of equipment that is available to be delivered into classrooms.  For more information on this process, or if you would like to suggest technology upgrades or equipment, please contact Classroom Support.