Categories of Classroom Technology Infrastructure

Classroom technology infrastructure is standardized and categorized to increase the reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.  While the specific technologies behind the scenes may changed, these categories standardized the type of technology available.  When deciding on the categorization, we take into account pedagogical needs, technical needs, and user needs.  Please note that wireless is available in all UNBF classrooms.

If you are unsure of what technology is in your classroom, please contact Classroom Support, or log into the Astra room booking system to find your room.  In this system, it will list the technology category of the room.

Category (Level) 1: Data Projection Classroom

  • Fixed data projector (ceiling mounted)
  • Manual wall screen
  • Internet connection (via cable)
  • Sound system (via projector or ceiling speakers)
  • Control system (via button panel)
  • Lock box with associated cables (VGA, Audio, etc.)

Category (Level) 2: Interactive Whiteboard Classroom

  • All items included in Category 1
  • Interactive Whiteboard (via Smartboard technology)

Category (Level) 3: Multimedia Console Classroom

  • All items included in Category 1
  • Teaching console with:
    • Computer + Monitor
    • Document camera
    • DVD player
    • Additional laptop inputs available

Category (Level) 4: Lecture Theatre

  • All items included in Category 1 & 3
  • Additional projection screen (both screens are automatic)
  • Microphone (wireless lapel and/or hand held)
  • Lecture theatres provide multiple display options at once (e.g. slides + document camera)

Category (Level) 5: Special Use Multimedia Classroom

  • May have a combination of features from all other categories
  • Examples can include videoconference classrooms
  • Exact room features will vary.