AirMedia Remote View

The AirMedia system has a feature called remote view.  When activated, this feature allows remote participants (via their web-browser) to view (image-only) what the presenter is displaying through the AirMedia.

Enabling Remote View (presenter)

On an Mac or PC

  1. Once you are displaying content through the AirMedia, on the control screen, select the menu button (A).
  2. Select "Remote View" to enable remote view for particpants (B).remote view mac pc

On an iOS or Android

  1. Once you are displaying content through your AirMedia app, on the control screen, tap the share slides icon (A).
  2. Tap the "Remote View on" to enable remote view for participants (B).remote view iOS android

To access Remote View (particpant)

Once remote view has been enabled by the presenter, paricipants can access (view their web-browser) the content being displayed through AirMedia.

  1. In your web-browser, type in the IP address shown.web address
  2. Select the "Remote View" button on the web page and in a moment you will be able to view the content directly in your web-broswer (no software is downloaded).remote view