Fostering Arts

Mike Johnston 

Mike Johnston is the Technical Director for Memorial Hall at UNB Fredericton and an instructor with the UNB Drama Program. He says that over the years he has received extensive CETL support on numerous projects, including help with the annual New Brunswick Provincial Drama Festival.

"It is the staff at Classroom Technology & Services that makes their help go above and beyond."

Drama Fest 2015

Held at UNB and STU, any public school in the province of New Brunswick can register in the event. One of the ways CETL has helped is through its Equipment Pool resources. “It is a great touchstone location … if we don’t have a piece of equipment in-house, we can just go up there to get it.” In addition to being an easy to use and responsive resource, Johnston says that it is the staff at Classroom Technology & Services that makes their help go above and beyond.

“For example, one of your staff members is an actor and a photographer, and he knew about the special kind of stage tape we needed... I don’t know if a different chemistry of people would be so plugged into the arts. The crowd of people there have a greater understanding of what they’re supporting.”

“There’s an attention to detail. They don’t just care if the job gets done, but they care if it gets done in a presentable fashion. It’s putting a package together.”