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We are located in room 125 of the Eaton Multimedia Centre in Marshall d'Avray Hall (10 MacKay Drive).

Mailing Address

Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (CETL)
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3

Ken Reimer, Director - CETL (506)453-4670
Nancy Fitzpatrick, Project Coordinator (506)453-4645
Susan Pugh, Administrative Assistant (506)453-4704
Classroom Technology &
Martyn Iannece, Director - Classroom Technology & Services (506)458-7632
Hal Dalzell, Senior Technologist (506)458-7661
Kenny Englehart, Classroom Support Technician (506)447-3407
Rebecca Ham, Equipment Services Coordinator (506)458-7139
Michael Holmes-Lauder, Classroom Support Specialist (506)447-3399
Lingchao Fu, Classroom Support Specialist (506)452-6296
Roger King, Manager of Technical Services (506)453-5013
Kevin McDonough, Manager of Classroom Technology Infrastructure (506)458-7664
Eric Hill, Media Lab Assistant (506)453-5171
Nancy Wood, Audio Visual Assistant (506)453-5171
Media Production
Joy Cummings, Director - Media Services (506)458-7657
Heather Marmura, Media Production Assistant (506)453-5051
Brendan Mittelholtz, Media Design Coordinator (506)452-6273
Rob Blanchard, Production Coordinator (506)458-7659
Ed Bowes, Production Assistant (506)447-3160
Teaching & Learning
Magdalen Normandeau, Coordinator - Teaching & Learning Services (506)452-6329
Mary Astorino, Instructional Designer (Educational Technology) (506)458-7272
Bev Bramble, Instructional Designer (506)447-3080
*Emily Clark, Instructional Designer (Educational Technology) (506)458-7272
Neil Cole, Acadmic Advising Support Coordinator (506)458-7603
Peter Gross, DUT Coordinator (506)453-4704
Jeff Mundee, Instructional Technology  Specialist (506)452-6288
*on leave, returning April 2019