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French Interactive Media Laboratory
SH-156 (Laboratoire Laurier Melanson)


SH 156 - Laboratoire Laurier Melanson
Photos: Daniel Grant

The  French Interactive Media Laboratory is a state-of-the-art language learning centre. Both teachers and students use complete access to the Internet as well as numerous computer programs - including interactive video, electronic grammars and dictionaries, pronunciation correctors - to improve the overall quality of the language acquisition process. The laboratories also offers interesting possibilities for scholarly and research pursuits.


Hardware used in the lab
(Laboratoire Laurier Melanson)
21 Dell Optiplex 9010 - 3.10 GHz  Core i5 - 35705
     Ram: 8 Gb
     Hard Drive: 465 Gb
     CD and DVD burner
     22" Colour Monitor
1 "Lexmark T650" laser printer
1 Sharp PG-D100U multimedia projector
1 Sharp XG-C330X multimedia projector
Sound system (control rack SH-154)
     Peavey IPS 150 amplifier
     Samson PL 1602 16 channel Mixer
     Shure LX Wireless Mic controller
     Sabine FBX 1020 feedback eliminator


SH 156 - Laboratoire Laurier Melanson
Photos: Daniel Grant

The French Interactive Media Laboratory  located at Singer Hall 156 is equipped with 20 workstations and 1 instructor station (21 seats).
Programmer / analyst : Daniel Grant
Updated October 2, 2013