Research Projects - Reports, Documents and Videos

Video Lunch and Learn March 2017

The Complexity of Legal System Reform in Domestic Violence cases: Addressing Disciplinary, Evidential and Institutional Roadblocks by Dr. Linda C. Neilson

Rural Realities in the Justice System/Les commuriautés rurales et le système juridiqie

Cyberviolence Project

Thornhill, Jenny & members of the steering committee of the Cyberviolence Project, Miguel LeBlanc, Martine Paquet, Rina Arseneault, Christian Whalen, Candace Pollack, Jessica Melanson.(2015)"

Domestic Homicide

Evaluation Project

Femmes Équité Atlantique

Girl Child

Obstacle aide juridique - legal aid

The Justice System’s Response to Family Violence Across Canada


Worlds Apart…, Coming Together