MMFC Staff

Cathy Holtmann, Director
Rina Arseneault, Associate Director
Kim Wade, Administrative Assistant

MMFC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors was established in the 1993-94 academic year. The Chair is elected from among the voting members. Board members serve for two-year terms. The Board meets at least three times a year.

Board Members


To provide support and guidance to the MMFC and to assure that the interests of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation, the University of New Brunswick and the community at large are served according to the terms of the document entitled Structure of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research.


  • To discuss and recommend research and education priorities for the MMFC in light of resources available to the MMFC and the needs of the community.
  • To establish the overall operation policy for the MMFC.
  • To recommend of general operating and research policies to the Dean of Arts in accordance with the defined mandate of the MMFC.
  • To approve and recommend the operation budget for the MMFC as prepared by the Director.
  • To participate in the recruitment and hiring of qualified staff.
  • To make recommendations to the Foundation and the University for the better governance of the MMFC whenever appropriate.


The MMFC Board of Directors is responsible for officially adopting or rejecting any new prospective research teams, projects or affiliated projects that are recommended by the MMFC Executive Committee. The MMFC Board is informed of the progress of each research team, project and affiliated project through reports given by the Director or a member of the research team.


Decisions regarding education and outreach initiatives are made by the Board of Directors. The Board advises the Dean of Arts as to new education and outreach initiatives.

MMFC Executive Committee


To provide executive direction to the MMFC.


To act for, and on behalf of the Board of Directors between regular board meetings. It shall have such powers and responsibilities as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Board of Directors. Any action taken by the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Directors for ratification at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.