Travel Reimbursement

For information on allowable expenses, please see our Travel page or refer to UNB's Travel Policy.

Employees must submit Travel Expense Claim Forms to Financial Services (UNBF) or to Financial & Administrative Services (UNBSJ) within 20 business days following the completion of each trip. On this form, employees must clearly state the purpose of the trip and itemize each expense on a daily basis. The employee must also provide the 16-digit code for the general ledger account to which these expenses will be charged.

All claims for reimbursement must be accompanied by original tickets, receipts, vouchers and/or invoices that clearly indicate the nature of the expense and method of payment. See Appendix B of the Travel Policy for specific receipt requirements.

Please note that photocopies of receipts are not sufficient supporting documentation. If an employee needs to submit the same receipt for partial reimbursement to another body or institution, Financial Services will record the amount reimbursed by the University on each original receipt and affix a "UNB PAID" stamp so that the receipt can then be submitted elsewhere.

Employees will be reimbursed in Canadian dollars by direct deposit into the employee bank account used by Payroll, unless requested otherwise. Please allow 20 business days for processing reimbursements after they have been submitted.

Requests for reimbursement that do not follow the 20 business day submission time frame are no longer subject to the processing standard of less than 20 business days, because claims that follow the policy will always be processed first.

For more information on travel expense claim procedures, please see sections 19-20 of the Travel Policy