Moving Allowance

Article 37 of the 2009-2013 Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers Collective Agreement outlines the following moving and relocation allowance for full-time faculty members:

37.01 Upon appointment or upon re-assignment from one (1) campus to the other, in accordance with the provisions of this Collective Agreement, Employees shall be eligible for reimbursement of bona fide relocation expenses normally up to 15 percent of the current salary floor of the Assistant Professor. This limit may be increased in exceptional cases, only if approved, in writing and in advance, by the Dean and the Vice-President (Academic) or Vice-President (Saint John). The offer of appointment or offer of re-assignment shall make specific reference to this Article and shall state its application, if any, relative to the specific appointment or re-assignment.

37.02 All bona fide relocation expenses may be claimed provided the approved limit is not exceeded, and provided the Employee submits a detailed statement and supporting receipts for approval by the Comptroller. Within the limit, bona fide relocation expenses may include:

a) The actual cost of transportation and accommodation when en route, for the Employee and his/her spouse and dependents allowable for income tax purposes. When travel by car is chosen, the car mileage and meal allowance shall be the same as and subject to the same conditions as those applicable to travel on University of New Brunswick business, provided the total does not exceed economy air fare as stated above.

b) The actual cost of moving and/or storing of household goods and effects from the place of residence to Fredericton or Saint John must be supported by receipts. Transportation of a motor vehicle is not normally included, but may be charged provided the total cost of all relocation expenses charged to the University of New Brunswick does not exceed the approved limit.

c) Living expenses incurred by the Employee and one (1) day at the original place of residence and for a reasonable period in Fredericton or Saint John may be claimed when supported by receipts provided the total cost of all relocation expenses charged to the University of New Brunswick does not exceed the approved limit.
37.03 An Employee who terminates his/her employment voluntarily, within two (2) years of the appointment, shall refund relocation expenses paid by the University of New Brunswick on a pro rata basis up to a maximum of one half of the paid expenses.

For more information on the benefits outlined in the Collective Agreement, please visit Human Resources & Organizational Development or AUNBT.

Moving Arrangements

Through the Interuniversity Services Inc., the University of New Brunswick has a Relocation Services Agreement with the following companies:

Company AMJ Campbell Van Lines
6140 Vipond Drive
Mississauga, ON   L5T 2B2
Armstrong International Movers Ltd/
D. Armstrong Moving & Storage

630 Secretariat Court
Mississauga, ON. L5S 2A5
Contact David Dixon
Phone: (905) 795-3638 
or (647) 286-3649

Angelo Lepore
Phone: 1-866-670-3600
or (905)795-6680
Fax: (905)670-0764

This agreement provides substantial discounts on normal tariff rates for moving household goods. Because of this, UNB has decided to use the services of only these companies. Once a faculty member has forwarded his/her signed acceptance of appointment to the University of New Brunswick, he/she should contact both of the above companies for a moving estimate. 

All moves and relocations funded by the university must be made through a purchase order. For further information or to arrange for purchase order issuance, contact one of the following people:

UNB Fredericton

Monica Keats-Gilbert, Manager, Accounts Payable, Financial Services
Susan Nicholson, Supervisor, Accounts Payable, Financial Services

UNB Saint John

Julia Bachman, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty of Arts
Melody McElman, Office Manager, Faculty of Business
Kerry Hoyt, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering
Tammy Nadeau, Financial Assistant, Financial and Administrative Services