Bookstore Purchases

UNB Fredericton and UNB Saint John have a Bookstore Purchases policy that governs the use of funds from university accounts (including grant and research accounts) for the purchase of goods from the bookstore on campus.

Under this policy, employees may purchase items related to the mission of the university. Allowable items include new and used books, supplies and furniture. Computer hardware or software purchases are allowable, but they must comply with the ITS procurement guidelines. 

When making these purchases, employees must present their valid UNB faculty/staff photo ID and provide the bookstore with their general ledger account coding; they must also print and sign their name on both copies of the receipt.

Employees cannot use university funds to make purchases for personal use, nor can they purchase newspapers, food, beverages, candy or other miscellaneous items. Under certain circumstance, university funds may be used to purchase clothing or giftware (including gift certificates). In this situation, the employee making the purchase must complete a UNBF Bookstore Voucher form or UNBSJ Bookstore Voucher form and have it approved by the appropriate signing authority. At the time of purchase, the approved voucher must be presented to the bookstore, where it will be processed and later sent to Financial Services for review.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please read through the Bookstore Purchases policy or contact Procurement services.