Purchase Orders

Most goods and services acquired by the university are procured via purchase order. This includes commodities, construction, vehicle rental, and travel.

Employees who wish to make a purchase with university funds via purchase order must first fill out an online Internal Request for a Purchase Order Requisition form. (See also: Internal Requisition Form Instructions) An Internal Requisition form provides authorization for Procurement services to initiate a purchasing transaction. Some of the mandatory fields for this form include the name of the supplier, the goods or services being acquired, the cost (including HST) and the university account number to which the purchase will be charged.

This form must be accompanied by supporting documentation if the purchase requires a separate order form, if it is being made through a PDA or CFI account, if it is of high value and requires a written explanation, or if the company to which it is being sent requires prepayment. If the item being purchased is $2000 or more, two or more quotes must be supplied in order to show competitive rates. Purchase orders for air travel must always be accompanied by a copy of an itinerary.

The completed form and attachments must then be approved by the appropriate signing authority (usually the department chair or faculty dean) and submitted to Procurement services for processing. Upon approval of the purchase, Procurement services creates a purchase order and delivers it to the supplier. Once the supplier accepts the terms of the purchase order, it becomes a contract between the university and the supplier.

Most Internal Requisition forms are processed within 48 hours of receipt. However, processing may be delayed if the requisition is sent for budgetary approval, or if further clarification or supporting documentation is required.

Standing purchase orders can also be established by a department for low-cost items and services that are purchased on a regular basis over the course of a year. Standing orders can decrease the amount of time it takes to submit and approve a purchase order.

For more information on purchase orders and how to fill out an Internal Requisition form, see sections 1.0-5.0 of the Procurement Procedures document.