Payment Requests

A payment request (formerly known as a cheque requisition) is a request for the university to issue payment in Canadian or US funds directly to a supplier/vendor. Employees who use this method of payment avoid having to pay up front and apply for reimbursement later on. 

Payment requests may be used for the purchase of goods and services that cannot be covered by a purchase order or procurement card, such as

  • fee payments that require accompanying enrolment forms (e.g. subscriptions, registrations and memberships)
  • utility bills
  • invoices for legal or professional services
  • T4A or T4A-NR payments

Payment requests should not be used to cover supply purchases, travel expenses, other personal reimbursements or employee payments (e.g. overtime, bonuses).

To make a payment request, employees must submit the original invoice from the supplier/vendor along with a completed Payment Request form. The details section of this form must be filled out, and the form must be approved by the appropriate signing authority -- usually the employee's department chair or dean.

Note: Employees do not need to complete a Payment Request form if the original invoice already clearly indicates the name and mailing address of the supplier/vendor, the amount owing and the applicable taxes. In this situation, the employee need only add the 16-digit general account number to the invoice, have it signed by the appropriate authority and forward it to Financial Services.

For payments being issued in Canadian funds, employees should also attach a void cheque from the payee for direct deposit. Payments to individuals require the payee's e-mail address and SIN number; payments to companies require a company e-mail address and HST number.  

For payments being issued in foreign currencies, a completed Wire Transfer Request form should also be attached. For more information, please see Foreign Drafts & Wire Payments.

Employees using this method of payment are advised to submit their forms to Financial Services well in advance of payment deadlines, as it may take up to 20 business days to process payments.

For more information, please contact Accounts Payable and Disbursement.