An accountable advance is a cash payment to an individual to cover FUTURE expenses after all other UNB payment options have been explored. The advance is the personal responsibility of the individual and is entered into Colleague Financials as a receivable to the individual.

In most situations, advances are only provided to cover employee travel expenses. Employees who have paid for air travel or conference registration by personal cheque or credit card prior to the completion of their trip may apply for an advance. If an employee is travelling for more than three months consecutively, then (s)he should contact Financial Services in Fredericton or Financial and Administrative Services in Saint John before departure to obtain a travel advance and make arrangements for reporting expenses while travelling.

In order to obtain a travel advance, employees must complete and submit an Employee/Travel Advance. This form must be approved by the appropriate signing authority (the head of the employee's department or faculty) before it is submitted. This form must be received by Financial Services at least 10 working days prior to the start of the trip in order to allow for processing and delivery of funds. Funds are provided in Canadian dollars via direct deposit. 

In addition to filling out an advance request form, employees must also submit a Travel Expense Claim Form within 20 working days after their return. On this form, the employee must list the travel advance as a deduction. If the amount of the advance is greater than the total of the travel expenses incurred, the employee must refund the university the difference by attaching a personal cheque made payable to the University of New Brunswick or by depositing the funds in person at the service counter.

Charges to the general ledger account number will appear in the general ledger account at the time the Travel Expense Claim is entered into Colleague Financials.

For more information, please consult section 14 of the Travel Policy or contact Accounts Payable & Disbursement Services.