The university maintains liability insurance that covers damage to the property of others* or injury to a third party caused by either the action (or inaction) of a university student, employee, officer, director or volunteer acting upon the direction of a university employee for university sanctioned activities. 

Coverage does not extend to non-UNB activities or other parties. For example, the Student Union, Student Representative Council and Graduate Student Association are not covered by this policy: they are required to maintain separate liability policies.

When requested to provide proof that UNB has liability insurance that covers university activities, contact Risk Management with the following information:

  • the name and complete address of the organization requesting proof of coverage
  • the name, title and contact information for a contact person at other organization
  • the dates coverage is required (certificates cannot be backdated)
  • the nature of activity to be covered
  • the status of the person/people from UNB involved in the activity (student, faculty, staff or volunteer)
  • the location where activity is to take place
  • the limit of liability insurance required

Once this information has been received, a request will be submitted to our insurer. Please allow one to two business days for processing requests. Proof of insurance will be issued in an electronic (PDF) form; it is the requester's responsibility to forward this document to the other organization.

*Note: The university's insurance policies do not cover students' personal possessions while they are in residence. The University of New Brunswick does not assume any obligation or liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items of personal property under any circumstances. Students should either purchase tenant's insurance or confirm that they are covered under another policy. Often a parents' homeowner policies can be extended to cover the contents of residence rooms: parents should check with their insurance broker or agent.