Pay Schedule

The Payroll department runs two separate pays on a bi-weekly basis. The first pay to be processed is for all regular employees who are not required to fill in timesheets in order to be paid. The second pay to be processed is the timesheet pay, which is for all employees who are not on a regular schedule and who are required to submit timesheets for approval in order to be paid.

While all pays are deposited to employee bank accounts on the same day every two weeks, not all employees have the same pay periods. Regular employees who work set hours every two weeks are paid for the period ending the Saturday after they are paid. However, those employees who do not have set schedules and who are required to complete timesheets through WebTimeEntry are paid one week in arrears: this means that they are paid for the hours that they have worked up to and including the Saturday before a pay date. This ensures that the hours entered into the WebTimeEntry system are accurate so that proper payment and compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations are adhered to.  

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