Tuition Benefit

UNB may waive full or partial tuition fee amounts for eligible employees and their spouse or dependents of the eligible employee. 

To receive a Tuition Benefit the employee must apply to Human Resources by submitting a completed tuition benefit application Forms by the appropriate deadline. Failure to submit this form in a timely manner may result in loss of eligibility.

Tuition and compulsory fees are initially charged to the student's account. Once the tuition benefit application has been approved by Human Resources, Financial Services will credit the employee, spouse or dependent student’s account with the approved benefit amount.

Please note: The tuition benefit covers tuition only. The student is responsible for all compulsory fees and remaining tuition charges. The student is also responsible for any additional fees associated with taking an Open Access course.

UNB Employee's Taking Courses

Courses taken by UNB employees and approved by HR as a Tuition Benefit are considered a taxable benefit according to CRA guidelines and are subject to CPP and Income Tax on the value of the Tuition Benefit received.  Once Payroll Services receives the Tuition Benefit information, the amount of benefit the employee receives will be added to their pay and taxed accordingly.  This means that you will have a one-time adjustment that will increase the deduction for CPP and Income Tax on one pay sometime during the term when you submitted the form.  Payroll receives the tuition benefit forms on a continual basis and processes the accumulated forms every two months.  The taxable benefit received will be recorded as ‘Other Income’ on your T4.  

Employee’s taking courses will be issued a T2202A at the end of February for the amount of eligible tuition and fees paid on your student account.

Questions regarding payroll deductions should be directed to the Payroll office.

UNB Employee’s Spouse & Dependents Taking Courses

Spouses and dependents receive their own T4A information slip for the tuition waiver amount, along with a T2202A for income tax purposes.