T4 & T4A

Every January, Payroll and Human Resources begin to compile and balance T4 and T4A information. T4 & T4A income tax slips must be mailed to the employee's last known address by the last day of February or the first business day in March should the last day of February be during a weekend. We strive to have the slips mailed well in advance of this deadline. 

To ensure that you receive your T4 and/or T4A income tax slip in a timely manner, it is imperative that you verify your mailing address by checking your Demographic information under the Personal tab in My UNB e-Services. If the address on file is not current, you may either change your personal information online or send an e-mail to Payroll Supervisor to request that the change be made.  

If you have not received your T4 and/or T4A by mid March, you may visit the Payroll office or contact payroll, to request a reprint. Once your slip has been reprinted, you will either be notified for pick up or it will be mailed to you directly as per your instructions.

CRA Identified Free Tax Preparation Clinics – Fredericton area (dates, times and conditions apply).