Each year a number of contract academics complete T2200 forms so that they may claim certain employment expenses for tax purposes. Employees are only eligible for this tax deduction if they have not been provided with the following requirements:

"... an office, which may be shared with no more than two other Contract Academic Employees, with a desk, filing cabinet, chairs, a computer with network access meeting current ITS minimum configuration standards, a telephone and office supplies commensurate with Departmental/Faculty standards." 

If the space provided by a department or faculty does not meet these requirements, and an employee performs more than 50% of his/her university work in a home office as a result, this employee may want to submit a T2200 form.

This form, which is found on the Canada Revenue Agency website, must be filled out by the employee and an email sent by the Dean, Assistant Dean, or Chair of the department to Joanne Hodgson, Payroll Manager confirming that the employee was not provided with the requirements as per the collective agreement. The completed document must be brought to Financial Services to be reviewed and authorized by the Director and Assistant Comptroller of Financial Services.