Change in Personal Information

It is important to notify the Payroll Office of any changes to your personal information.  Please review the steps below to ensure that your personal information changes are implemented. 

Banking Information

To revise your bank details, you must submit a bank direct deposit form (or a void cheque), along with a UNB Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form, in person with photo ID to the Payroll office.  If you are unable to do so, please contact the Payroll Office at 506-453-4632.  Do not close your old bank account until you have received payment into your new bank account.

Mailing Address

To update your mailing address, log into My UNB e-Services, select the Personal tab and then select Demographic Info.  Enter your new information, and hit submit.  The updated information is automatically forwarded to Payroll services and is used to update employee records.

Personal Tax Credit Information

If there has been a change to the personal tax credit amounts you need to claim, you may wish to fill in new TD1 forms in order to adjust the amount of taxes that are automatically deducted from your bi-weekly pay. This form can be dropped off at the Payroll counter. For more information or to be directed to the government website containing the forms, please see our TD1 FAQ.

Name Change

If your name has been legally changed for any reason, please contact Human Resources.