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Mission Statement
Scent Reduction Program

Mission Statement

To support the university's mission by providing timely, reliable and responsive financial and related administrative services and information to our clients, and in so doing, to add value to the decision-making processes of the university related to the attainment, allocation and utilization of resources.


The Financial Services team is a valued and responsive member of the university community. As such, our team is committed to

  • communicating clearly and effectively with our clients, always striving to listen and understand our clients' needs;
  • providing financial information and meeting related administrative requirements of our clients;
  • adding value to the decision-making and resource-allocation processes of the university;
  • promoting and, where appropriate, developing and implementing management and administrative policies and procedures;
  • educating and informing our clients on the procedural and policy aspects of financial and related administrative matters;
  • processing transactions in a timely, accurate and efficient manner;
  • pro-actively seeking ways to use technology to better serve our clients;
  • interacting with our clients in a professional, courteous and service-oriented manner; and
  • attracting, motivating, developing and retaining professional, competent and service-oriented staff.



The staff at Financial Services are committed to working co-operatively as individuals within our own workgroups, with other workgroups in Financial Services, and with other university units and stakeholders in the attainment of the mission of the University of New Brunswick. This entails

  • working together so that each others' responsibilities are understood and executed effectively;
  • assisting each other in order to achieve priorities and tasks; and
  • sharing information and ideas that assist in the attainment of goals.

Our organizational chart illustrates how tasks are distributed within this department and how staff and administrators work together to achieve these goals. (You can also view the organizational chart for UNB Saint John Financial and Administrative Services.)


We provide services to our clients in a timely, accurate and dependable manner, which entails 

  • using objective judgement to resolve issues and solve problems;
  • providing information in a format that is clear, concise and understandable;
  • exercising prudence and due care in preparing, assembling and interpreting information; and
  • respecting and maintaining confidentiality as appropriate.


The Financial Services staff accept responsibility to perform our tasks and duties and to be accountable for the results.  We

  • ensure that tasks are clearly defined, that they are assigned realistic deadlines, and that these deadlines and deliverables are attained;
  • promptly initiate corrective action if an error or oversight occurs; and
  • take initiative to pro-actively plan and execute responsibilities.


We are honest and sincere in our dealings with each other and our clients, and we

  • treat all people equitably;
  • treat all people with respect and dignity;
  • provide information and services that are credible.

Service Orientation

We strive to approach our duties and tasks in a manner that is oriented to assisting with our clients' needs.  This requires

  • listening to our clients, seeking input and feedback;
  • responding to and evolving our services to satisfy our clients' needs;
  • following up on commitments; and
  • looking for innovative ways to use technology as a tool to assist our clients.

Scent Reduction Program

Financial Services is dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. As part of this initiative, we have implemented a scent reduction program and a communication plan for implementing this program. Frequent visitors may wish to read our information brochure outlining this policy. 

For more information on environmental sensitivities, visit the Canadian Lung Association and the New Brunswick Lung Association websites, or refer to the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia's Guide to Less Toxic Products.