About the VP finance & administration


  • Provide leadership in and work closely with the President and Vice-Presidents in performing long-term financial planning and analysis aimed at identifying risks, opportunities, and options that will inform strategies to provide resources for attainment of the University mission.
  • Provide leadership and vision on the financial affairs and non-academic corporate services of the University.
  • Promote a sound fiscal climate and encourage responsible stewardship and 'value for money' utilization of University resources.
  • Promote a culture of informed decision making ensuring that units of corporate responsibility are planned, structured and focused on supporting decision-based information needs.
  • Develop, promote and monitor a culture of efficient, results and customer oriented corporate services.
  • Clearly communicate financial information, plans and options to the University's Board of Governors and committees to facilitate informed decision making.
  • Ensure a reliable system of internal controls are in place to adequately safeguard University assets and provide with integrity accurate reporting on financial results.
  • Objectively evaluate the achievement of campus and University financial goals and plans.
  • Foster an open and collegial approach to financial and corporate service decision making, building strong relationships with University stakeholders.
  • Develop and support strong external relationships with bankers, investment advisors, legal counsel, auditors and other providers of corporate services to the University.
  • Monitor best practices and trends in University finances and corporate services and implement beneficial changes at UNB.
  • Attracting, motivating and coaching talent to achieve the objectives of Corporate Services.


  • Assisting the President and Vice-Presidents in creating and levering financial and mission value.
  • Work closely with the President and Vice-Presidents as a partner in strategic planning, prioritization and decision making.
  • Assist University Secretary and the President in achieving governance excellence with the Board of Governors.
  • Effectively organizing and deploying the University units that report to the Vice-President.
  • Work with direct reports to establish goals, objectives and plans that support University objectives.


  • Provide information, analysis and reports required and requested by the Board of Governors and Board committees.
  • To create an environment that provides high quality support for the instruction, research and outreach functions of the Fredericton campus in specified areas.
  • Chair the Employee Benefits Review Committee, co-chair the Academic Pension Trustee Group.
  • Monitor the status of goals, objectives and plans for direct reports and provide coaching as required.
  • Perform the day-to-day tasks necessary to execute the responsibilities for the office and to provide advice and assistance as required.

Organizational chart