Bridget Laging

Adjunct Professor

Nursing, Faculty of

+61 4380 28264

Professional memberships

  • Australian Association of Gerontology
  • Co-Chair (Workforce) Expert Advisory Group, Royal Commission into Quality and Safety in Residential Aged Care, Australian College of Nursing, 2021-present
  • Deputy Chair, Healthy Ageing Community - Australian College of Nursing Member, Australasian Association of Gerontology, 2020-present
  • Member, Workforce Sustainability Policy Chapter, Australian College of Nursing, 2020-present


  • PhD – La Trobe University, Australia, 2018
  • Master of Advanced Practice in Nursing with Honours – Griffith University, Australia, 2007
  • Bachelor of Nursing – Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand, 2000

Areas of interest

  • Challenging ageism, institutionalization, segregation of older adults
  • Innovative intergenerational interventions. Supporting older adult health and wellbeing while elevating adolescents’ perceptions of aging, older adults, and work with older adults.
  • Long-term care, emergency nursing, trauma, Long-term care nursing workforce planning
  • Interface of long-term care and acute care
  • Policy, clinical decision-making, Advance Care Planning
  • Systematic review, meta-synthesis, critical theory, ethnography, case study Delphi methods
  • Age Segregation Theory development

Recent funding

New Frontiers in Research Fund, Canada. ($238,202). 2021. Advancing the Long-term Care Research Agenda through Simulation. McCloskey, R., Brunt, K., Shamputa, I., Schem, E., & Laging, B.

Perpetual IMPACT fund. ($160,180). 2020. Intergenerational engagement between adolescents and older people in a residential care facility in regional Australia: A quasi-experimental mixed methods pilot study. Laging, B. Radford, K., Huong, L, & Meissner, E.

Department of Health and Human Services Funding, La Trobe University, Australia. ($90,000). 2016. Factors influencing decision-making when a resident’s health deteriorates in the residential aged care setting: Final Report. Laging, B., Nay, R. & Bauer, M.

Recent publications

Chejor P, Laging B, Whitehead L, & Porock, D. (2022). Experiences of older immigrants living with dementia and their carers: A systematic review and meta-synthesis. British Medical Journal, 12.

Laging, B., Slocombe, G., Liu, P., Radford, K., & Gorelik, A. (2021). The delivery and impact of intergenerational programs in the nursing home setting on adolescents and older adults: A systematic mixed studies review. International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Laging, B., Nay, R., Buaer, M., Laging, R., Walker, K., & Kenny, A. (2021). Advance care planning in the nursing home setting: A secondary analysis. The Gerontologist, 61(8), 1307-1316.

Jackman, C., Laging, R., Laging, B., Honan, B., Arendts, G., & Walker, K. (2019). The older person with vague symptoms in the ED: Where should I begin? Emergency Medicine Australasia, 32(1), 141-147.

Laging, B, Kenny, A., Bauer, M., & Nay, R. (2018). Recognition and assessment of resident deterioration in the nursing home setting: A critical ethnography. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(7-8), 1452-1463.

Laging, B. Ford, R. Bauer, M., & Nay, R. (2015). A meta-synthesis of factors influencing nursing home staff decisions to transfer residents to hospital. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(10), 2224-2236.

Laging, B., Bauer, M., Nay, R., & Ford, R. (2014). Decision to transfer to hospital from the residential aged care setting: A systematic review of qualitative evidence exploring residential aged care staff experiences. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 12(2), 263-388.

Laging, B., McInerney, F. & Patterson, E. (2009). Experiences of graduate registered nurses in aged care: A case study. Contemporary Nurse, 33(2), 211-224.

Scholarly activities

Peer reviewer

  • The Lancet, Healthy Longevity, 2002 -- present
  • Collegian, 2020 -- present
  • Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2019 – present
  • BMJ Open, 2017 – present
  • Contemporary Nurse, 2010 – present
  • Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 2019 – present

Journal Editor: Aged Care Expert


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