Gisèle Gallibois

Senior Instructor

Nursing, Faculty of

MacLaggan Hall 120

1 506 452 6370


  • RN John Abbott College, Montreal (1983)
  • Bachelor of Arts, STU, (1989)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Post Basic), (1990)
  • Mental Health Certificate, UNB, (2004) 
  • Diploma of University Teaching, UNB, (2006)
  • Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development, UNB, (2007)

Areas of interest

  • Mental Health Nursing, acute and community
  • Nurse-client helping relationship
  • Pediatric Community Nursing, daycare and opal program
  • Wellness Nursing/Health Promotion
  • Leadership

Clinical teaching

  • N1235 (labs and clinicals at the Wellness Screening Clinics and Daycares) 
  • N1232 Cultural Encounters in Nursing
  • N2155, N2187, N2063, N2172 (Mental Health Clinicals, Community and 2SE)
  • N2187 (Clinical Practicum II, Opal Family Visiting), N2063 (Concentrated Clinical Practicum II, Chronic Rehabilitation, Duffy Unit, Oromocto
  • N3031 Helping Relationships Lab

Classroom teaching

  • Renaissance College RCLP 1111 Forum I, RCLP 1021, Enhanced Concepts of Personal Wellbeing
  • Classroom Teaching: N4801, N4803, N4812 (Courses in the Mental Health Certificate program)
  • Coordinator of the Wellness Nursing Practicum N1235
  • Coordinator of the International Nursing Studies N1232
  • Lead Integrator in RCLP 1111, Forum Renaissance College

Professional practice, committees and volunteer work

  • International University Committee
  • Faculty of Nursing International Committee
  • Campus Wellness Committee
  • Renaissance College Level 1 Assessment Committee
  • Faculty of Nursing Ethics Committee
  • Chimo helpline