Shelley Chase

Administrative Assistant

Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre

Marshall d'Avray Hall 343

1 506 453 4840

Since 2004, Shelley Chase has been the hub of the Mi’kmaq-Wolastoqey Centre. As the MWC Administrative Assistant, she schedules meetings and events, serves as a general contact person, supports and connects staff and faculty, tracks and assists with student registration, answers all questions, maintains all financial records, and ensures that every member of the MWC family feels comfortable and welcome. She makes the coffee, turns on the lights, waters the plants, brings the (gluten free) chocolate cake, and truly cares for all those who share the space that she so lovingly maintains.

Shelley was born and raised in Fredericton, and, with the exception of a brief and ill-advised stint in Ottawa, she has lived here all her life. She is proud of her adult children and especially of her grandson, whom she adores. She enjoys walking, baking, hiking, sewing, and reading fiction. Before working at the MWC, she worked for the City of Fredericton. In previous eras, before COVID-19, Shelley enjoyed getting to know all of the students who would frequent or pass through the MWC. She developed friendly relationships with Educational Directors from all of the Wabanaki communities, and she very much enjoyed the social aspects of her work. We know that the Centre will someday be busy again. Until then, Shelley will continue to hold us together.