Dennis Klinck

Part-time Instructor

Law, Faculty of

Room 301F

1 506 453 4669

Research interests

  • judicial equity
  • legal history (especially early modern)
  • legal discourse
  • legal interpretation


Professor Klinck, an Albertan by birth, holds a doctorate in English Literature from the University of London. He taught English at the Universities of Alberta and Saskatchewan for several years before entering the University of Saskatchewan College of Law in 1979. After completing his LLB he clerked for Chief Justice Bora Laskin at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Following his clerkship, Professor Klinck joined the Faculty of Law at McGill University, teaching a range of courses during his 27-year career there: Criminal Law, Charter Law, Evidence, Equity and Trusts, Foundations of Canadian Law, Linguistic and Literary Approaches to Law, Common Law Property, and Statutory Interpretation. He was a member (now retired) of the Ontario bar.

In 2010, Professor Klinck retired from McGill, being named Professor Emeritus at that time. After 18 years commuting between Montreal and Fredericton, where his wife Anne, now retired, was an English professor at UNB, he returned full-time to his adoptive home in New Brunswick, where he now lives with Anne and their Lab/Beagle mix, Sally.

Courses taught / current projects

  • Chapter in forthcoming book on the fusion of law and equity
  • Research project on the discourse of “method” in early modern common law
  • Evidence
  • Legislation
  • Trusts

Selected publications

Conscience, Equity and the Court of Chancery in Early Modern England (Farnham: Ashgate, 2010), 315 pp.

The Word of the Law: Approaches to Legal Discourse (Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1992), 458 pp.

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