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Shirley Cleave

Associate Professor (Retired)


Kinesiology, Faculty of

LB Gym A117A


Other titles

Associate Vice-President Academic

Research interests

  • Leadership from theoretical and applied perspectives
  • Volunteerism
  • Serious leisure


Dr. Cleave is interested in the “people side” of management in recreation and sport organizations. Her research interests grew out of her administrative experiences as the Campus Recreation Director at UNB for 12 years, and as the Associate Vice-President (Academic) at UNB for 9 years. In her dissertation research, she considered how job design impacts on senior administrators in sport and recreation. She has expanded this line of research to investigate the nature of the volunteer experience of volunteers in leadership roles in special events and the consequences for satisfaction and motivation. She has used the concept of Serious Leisure to frame some of her analyses.

Selected publications / presentations

Inglis, Sue & Cleave, Shirley, L (2006). Motivations associated with non-profit boards of directors: Development of a framework. Nonprofit Management and Leadership Journal 17(1).

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