Veronica McGinn

Coordinator, International Development

Global Learning and Engagement

CC Jones 107

1 506 447 3344

As part of the Global Learning and Engagement team at UNB, Veronica provides hands-on learning experiences for students while assisting faculty and staff to identify, design and fund a wide variety of international experiences. 

She establishes strategic partnerships to meet the University’s international goals and creates programs to facilitate an inclusive, international learning environment. To ensure project sustainability, Veronica promotes new and existing activities through public engagement activities and tailors all programs to meet the needs of the student body. Working with the International Student Advisors Office and individual Faculties /Departments, Veronica helps to welcome international students, ensure their success, internalize curriculum and build a strong international community. 

Veronica is the primary contact for the following programs: 

  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholars Program: securing and administering funds provided by DFATD, the Rideau All foundation and Universities Canada for UNB students to participate in undergraduate and graduate internships and research 
  • Emerging Leaders of the Americas Program (ELAP): securing and administering funds provided by CBIE for students of Latin America and the Caribbean to come to UNB 
  • Mitacs Globalink Program: collaborating with Mitacs to administer internship and research opportunities for Canadian (outgoing) and International (incoming) students 
  • Temporary Foreign Workers Program: working with faculty to secure temporary work permits for all international visitors (interns, researchers, and faculty) to UNB Fredericton 
  • Competitive International Development Projects: building international teams to identifying and bid on international development projects funded by the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Dept. Foreign Affairs and Development (DFATD), CIBE, and IDRC just to name a few. 
  • Spanish Language Schools and other Self-funded Opportunities: working with individual students and faculties, design a “First Experience Abroad” to build confidence and reinforce the value of international experience.