David MacLean

Professor of Forest Ecology

Forestry and Environmental Management

Forestry/Geology 210C


1 506 458 7552

Academic interests

  • Forest Ecology
  • Early intervention against Spruce Budworm
  • Forest management and biodiversity
  • Stand dynamics and modeling

Brief biography

Dr. David MacLean joined UNB as Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (ForEM) in July 1999. Prior to that, he was a Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service for 21 years.

Dr. MacLean is an internationally recognized expert on forest ecology and effects of insect outbreaks on forests, and has led two national and many regional research networks including forest industry and government agencies. Much of his research has been used in forest management.

Dr. MacLean served two 5-year terms as Dean of ForEM. He has maintained a very active research program both during and after his time as Dean, with over $6.5 million of research grants and 43 graduate students supervised. Dr. MacLean has published over 190 refereed papers, and has over 4600 citations to his research papers.

Dr. MacLean was recognized with the Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award in 2008, and served as President of the Association of University Forestry Schools of Canada from 2004-2006.

Courses taught

  • Forest Watershed and Forest Fire Management
  • Advanced Fire Management
  • Application of Modeling Tools for Management
  • Management Practicum

Selected research

Hennigar, C., A.R. Weiskittel, H.L. Allen, and D.A. MacLean. 2017. Development and evaluation of a biomass increment based index for site productivity. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 47: 400–410.

Omari, K., D.A. MacLean, M.B. Lavigne, J.A. Kershaw, and G.W. Adams. 2016. Effect of local stand structure on leaf area, growth, and growth efficiency following thinning of white spruce. Forest Ecology and Management 368: 55-62.

Amos-Binks, L.J., and D.A. MacLean. 2016. The influence of natural disturbances on developmental patterns in Acadian mixedwood forests from 1946-2008. Dendrochronologia 37: 9-16.

MacLean, D.A. 2016. Impacts of insect outbreaks on tree mortality, productivity, and stand development. The Canadian Entomologist 148: S138-S159.

Bashir, A., and D.A. MacLean. 2015. The balance of growth and mortality in old stands of 12 types in New Brunswick, Canada. Forest Ecology and Management 358: 192-201.

MacLean, D.A., E. Dracup, F. Gandiaga, S.R. Haughian, A. MacKay, P. Nadeau, K. Omari, G. Adams, K.A. Frego, D. Keppie, G. Moreau, and M-A. Villard. 2015. Experimental manipulation of habitat structures in intensively managed spruce plantations to increase their value for biodiversity conservation. The Forestry Chronicle 91: 161-175.

Wilson, E.A. and D.A. MacLean. 2015. Windthrow and growth response following a spruce budworm-inspired, variable retention harvest in New Brunswick, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45: 659–666.