Marek Krasowski

Professor, Tree Biology and Forest Ecophysiology


Forestry and Environmental Management

Forestry/Geology 310

1 506 453 4915

Academic interests

  • Roots and Root Systems of Trees; Forest Ecophysiology
  • Propagation of Woody Plants and Tree Improvement

Brief biography

Dr. Marek Krasowski joined the Faculty in 1999. He obtained his BSc in Forestry from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Poznan, Poland, and both his MSc in Biology and PhD in Forest Biology from University of Victoria in British Columbia (BC). Prior to joining the faculty, he worked at the University of Victoria and then for the BC Ministry of Forestry as a research scientist seeking resolution to problems in forest renewal.

Marek’s research interests are in tree development, especially in tree roots and root systems, in forest ecophysiology, propagation of woody plants, and in tree improvement. He also worked on genetic resistance to beech bark disease. During his time at UNB, he has served as the Director of Grad Studies and the Director of the Forest Ecosystem Management Program. Privately, Marek enjoys reading world’s literature and is particularly interested in European history.

Courses taught

  • Autecology of Forest Vegetation
  • Plants & Environment
  • Structure and Development of Woody Plants
  • Integrated Management of Insects and Disease
  • Methods of Forestry Generations
  • Graduate Seminar
  • Instructor Team Member at the Fall Forestry Camp and in International Forestry Studies

Selected research

Weng, Y.H., Wang, .D; Krasowski, M.J, and G. Liu. 2015. Variations among provenances of Betula platyphylla in carbon concentration, sequestration and partitioning. Forest Ecol. Manage. 358: 344-352.

Olesinski, J., Krasowski, M.J., Lavigne, M.B., Kershaw, J.A., and P.Y. Bernier. 2012. Fine root dynamics and biomass allocation at northern and southern balsam fir (Abies alsamea L. Mill.) sites in eastern Canada. Can. J. For. Res. 42:364-374.

Krasowski, M.J., Lavigne, M.B., Olesinski, J., and P.Y. Bernier. 2010. Advantages of long-term measurement of fine root demographics with a minirhizotron at two balsam fir sites. 2010. Can. J. For. Res. 40: 1128-1135.

Ramirez, M., Krasowski, M.J., and J. Loo. 2007. Vegetative propagation of Fagus grandifolia (American beech) resistant to the beech-bark disease. HortScience 42: 320-324.