Ali Sher

Assistant Professor


Business, Faculty of

Oland Hall 253

Saint John
1 506 653 2863

Ali Sher has a Ph.D. in Information & Process Engineering and Masters in Computer Science from George Washington University. He has eighteen years of work experience related to Information Technology/Systems and Business in academia and industry.

Dr. Sher teaches courses in Electronic Commerce and MIS at the undergraduate level and MIS and Operations Management at the MBA level.

He has published articles in prominent journals such as the Journal of Interactive Learning and Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. He is a member of Advisory Board of the Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Web Applications as well as the Internet Society.

Before joining the University of New Brunswick in 2013, Dr. Sher worked for the World Bank, and International Finance Corporation. He taught at George Mason University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and DeVry University.

Selected publications

Ali Sher, "Assessing the Relationship of Internet-mediated Interaction to Student Learning and Satisfaction in Web-based Learning Environment", 8(2), 2009, Journal of Interactive Online Learning.

Rafqul Zaman Khan, Ali Sher, Qadeer Hasan, “A Study on Current and Future Trends in Object-Oriented Languages”, Globus, December 2009.

Ali Sher, "Assessing and Comparing Interaction Dynamics, Student Learning and Satisfaction within Web-based Online Learning Programs", 4(4), 2008, MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching.

Conference proceedings

Zulkharnain & Ali Sher, "Smart Card based on Hash Function", A. Abd Manaf et al. (Eds.): ICIEIS2011, Part IV, CCIS 254, pp. 41–51, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011

Ali Sher, “Identifying critical success factors of student success in technology based e-Learning environments: A conceptual model”, International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies (NCICT-2008), August 27, 2008, Pakistan.

Ali Sher, “Assessing the relationship of technology-mediated interaction to student learning in Web-based E-Learning Environment”, First IEEE International Conference on the Application of Digital Information and Web Technologies, August 4-6, 2008, Ostrava, Czech Republic, pp. 38-43.

Ali Sher, Abdul Sattar Al-Alusi, Rafiqul Zaman Khan, "A Systematic Approach to Information Security Management", National Conference on Information & Communication Technologies (NCICT-2007), June 9, 2007, Pakistan.