Hsin-Chen Lin

Associate Professor

PhD (Purdue University)

Business Administration, Faculty of

Tilley Hall 337


1 506 453 4551

Hsin-Chen Lin is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration and is a member of the marketing area. Dr. Lin’s main research interests are word-of-mouth, social influence, social media marketing, online advertising, sponsorship, cross-cultural studies, and branding. Her research focuses on understanding how word-of-mouth forms and influences our decision making, and how opinion leaders, sponsorship, online advertising, and social media marketing affect brand equity according to national cultures and countries.

Dr. Lin has received a Harrison McCain Foundation Young Scholars Award and a Faculty of Business Administration Annual Research Award. She has also received multiple research funds including one SSHRC Insight Development Grant, two University Research Funds, five Faculty Development Funds, several Provincial SEED Funds and multiple Student Work-Study Program Funds.

Dr. Lin teaches Principles of Marketing, Global Marketing, and Social Media Marketing in the BBA and MBA programs at the University of New Brunswick. She has won Distinguished Teacher, Outstanding Teaching, and Culture Fest Global Classroom Contest Awards. She has also been nominated multiple times for the Allen P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Journal articles

Hsin-Chen Lin and Manohar U. Kalwani. (2018). “Culturally Contingent Electronic Word-of-Mouth Signaling and Screening: A Comparative Study of Product Reviews in the United States and Japan.” Journal of International Marketing, 26 (2), 80-102.

Hsin-Chen Lin, Patrick F. Bruning, and Hepsi Swarna. (2018). “Using Online Opinion Leaders to Promote the Hedonic and Utilitarian Value of Products and Services.” Business Horizons, 61 (3), 431-442.

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Hsin-Chen Lin. (2017). “How Political Candidates’ Use of Facebook Relates to the Election Outcomes.” International Journal of Market Research, 59 (1), 77-96.

Hsin-Chen Lin, Hepsi Swarna, and Patrick F. Bruning. (2017). “Taking A Global View on Brand Post Popularity: Six Social Media Brand Post Practices for Global Markets.” Business Horizons, 60(5), 621-633.

Hsin-Chen Lin, Patrick F. Bruning, Nina D. Cole, Douglas H. Flint, Chanrith Ngin, and Vivien Supangco. (In Press). “Exploring Justice Judgment Patterns in Asia: A Four Country Multi-Group Latent Class Analysis.” International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Patrick F. Bruning, Bradley J. Alge, and Hsin-Chen Lin. (Forthcoming). “The Embedding Forces of Network Commitment: An Examination of the Psychological Processes Linking Advice Centrality and Susceptibility to Social Influence.” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.