Patrick Bruning

Associate Professor

PhD (Purdue University)

Business Administration, Faculty of

Tilley Hall 319

1 506 453 4994

Patrick F. Bruning, Associate Professor, joined the Faculty of Business Administration in the summer of 2014. He currently teaches courses in leadership, motivation, and organizational behavior. Patrick’s research covers the general topics of job crafting, social influence, cross-cultural studies, motivation, and leadership. His research on job crafting considers the ways that people change their jobs to increase efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing stress. His other current research considers how people’s social context impacts their susceptibility to social influence, and how employees from different countries assess the fairness of their employing organizations in different ways.

Patrick has served on the editorial board of Human Relations and has reviewed for other research outlets including: Journal of Management, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, The Academy of Management Annual Conference, The European Academy of Management Conference, and The Atlantic Schools of Business Conference.

Refereed journal articles

Bruning, P. F., Alge, B. J., & Lin, H. -C. (Forthcoming). The embedding forces of network commitment: An examination of the psychological processes linking advice centrality and susceptibility to social influence. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Lin, H. -C., Bruning, P. F., Cole, N. D., Flint, D. H., Ngin, C., & Supangco, V. (Forthcoming). Exploring justice judgment patterns in Asia: A four country multi-group latent class analysis. International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Bruning, P. F. & Campion, M. A. (2018). A role-resource approach-avoidance model of job crafting: A multi-method integration and extension of job crafting theory. Academy of Management Journal, 499-522.

Lin, H. -C., Bruning, P. F., & Swarna, H. (2018). Using online opinion leaders to promote the hedonic and utilitarian value of products and services. Business Horizons, 61, 431-442.

Lin, H. –C., Swarna, H., & Bruning, P. F. (2017). Taking a global view on brand post popularity: Six social media brand post practices for global markets. Business Horizons, 60(5), 621-633.