Wiktor Askanas

Professor Emeritus

PhD (Polish Academy of Science)

Business Administration, Faculty of

Tilley Hall 308A


1 506 458 7320

Wiktor Askanas joined the Faculty in 1983 and retired in June 2007. He has taught courses in Integrative Studies and Strategic Management in the MBA program and Organizational Design in the BBA program. Wiktor has received the Allan B. Stuart Excellence in Teaching Award, the 3M Teaching Fellowship, and the 2003 National Post Business Educator Award. He was honoured as Professor Emeritus at the Encaenia 2007 ceremony.

Dr. Askanas has a record of extensive service for the Faculty and the University and has chaired or been a member of numerous committees. He was Acting Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration (2004-2005) and a member of the UNB Senate. He also served as Dean and Chief Executive Officer of, IMC, Hungary (1998-2000). Dr. Askanas received the Distinguished Service Award from the University of New Brunswick in 2007, for his contributions to the University, the community and the profession.

Wiktor was appointed as a lay member of the Competition Tribunal of Canada in February of 2007. The Competition Tribunal is a specialized tribunal that hears and decides all applications made under parts VII.1 and VIII of the Competition Act, which deal with deceptive marketing and restrictive trade practices ( including refusal to supply; consignment selling; exclusive dealing, tied selling and market restriction; abuse of dominant position; delivered pricing; foreign judgments and laws; foreign suppliers; specialization agreements; and mergers). The Tribunal is an adjudicative body that operates independently of any government department. Information about the Tribunal can be found here.

Prior to coming to the University of New Brunswick, he worked for a number of business organizations and universities in Poland, the United States, France, Mexico and Canada. He is a member of several Board of Directors, and Senior Adviser to the Chairman of Polish Pension and Insurance Supervisory Commission. He is a member of Supervisory Board of Polish Institute of Directors. In 2003 by the decree of the President of Poland he became a Knight of the Order of Merit, in recognition of his contribution to the wellness of Polish Society.

Wiktor Askanas is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of international business, strategic management, and governance.

Non-referred publications

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Institutional Oversight and Corporate Governance. Przeglad Corporate Governance (Corporate Governance Review --Polish Institute of Directors), (January, 2006).