Ismael Foroughi

Postdoctoral Fellow



Carleton Hall 230

1 506 453 5146

Ismael joined UNB’s Department of Sociology in December 2018. He holds the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Data Science for Diabetes Health Services and Policy Research.

Ismael completed his doctoral studies in Geomatics Engineering at UNB in 2018. He also received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the same field from the University of Tehran. Ismael’s main research interest during graduate studies was analyzing geospatial data sets and interpreting them for the purpose of gravity field modelling. Taking advantage of his mathematics background and programming skills, he has worked as a research assistant in geospatial determinants of cardiometabolic health using population-based data.

Research interests

Ismael’s main area for his postdoctoral research is the exploration and analysis of population-based health, social and environmental data for discovering policy-actionable insights for the prevention and management of diabetes and associated chronic physical and mental health conditions. Under the supervision of Dr. Neeru Gupta, Ismael is linking, analyzing and interpreting multiple geospatial data sets housed at the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (located on the UNB campus).

Selected publications

Foroughi, I., Vaníček, P., Kingdon, R.W., Goli, M., Afrasteh, Y., Novak, P., Santos, M.C. (2018) Journal of Geodesy. DOI: 10.1007/s00190-018-1208-1.

Foroughi, I., Vaníček, P., Sheng, M., Kingdon, R., Santos, M. (2017) In defense of classical height system. Geophysical Journal International, 211(2):1176-1183.