Darren Piercey




Keirstead Hall 112


1 506 452 6135

Dr. Piercey is an interdisciplinary researcher with interests in psychology, computer science, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, and mathematics. He currently teaches courses in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and psychology and the internet. His current research focuses on presence using virtual reality (VR) and the use of VR for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Selected publications

Piercey, C. D., Charlton, K., & Callewaert, C. (2012). Reducing anxiety using self-help virtual reality cognitive behavioral therapy. Games for Health Journal. 1, 2, 24-128.

Piercey, C. D., Charlton, K., & Callewaert, C. (2011). The effectiveness of self-help virtual reality for arachnophobia. Journal of CyberTherapy and Rehabilitation. 4, 2, 289-290.

Lister, H., Piercey, C. D., & Joordens, C. (2010). The effectiveness of 3-D Video Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Fear of Public Speaking. Journal of Cybertherapy & Rehabilitation. 3, 4, 375-382.

Joordens, S., Piercey, C. D., & Azerbehi, R. (2009). Modeling performance at the trial level within a diffusion framework: A simple yet powerful method for increasing efficiency via error detection and correction. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology. 63(2), 81-93.

Piercey, C. D. (2008). Emphasizing nonword decisions in word-decision performance. Psychological Reports. 103, 97-101.

Piercey, C. D. & Rioux, N. (2008). Inconsistent mood congruent effects in lexical decision experiments. Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis. 5, 2, 19-26.