Sara Spike

Postdoctoral Fellow




Dr. Sara Spike is a cultural historian of rural communities and coasts in Atlantic Canada. She is a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History for 2018–2020, working with Dr. Erin Morton. Her research and publications use a range of unconventional perspectives to explore the historical worlds of rural Canadians, illuminating and recuperating overlooked aspects of rural culture and knowledge.

She received her PhD from Carleton University in 2016 and has since worked as a historical consultant in Nova Scotia, most notably as the director of the Eastern Shore Islands Heritage Research Project and as an advisor at Sherbrooke Village Museum. Her award-winning dissertation, which she is revising for publication, is a cultural history of vision and modernity in late nineteenth-century Nova Scotia, informed by sensory history and visual culture studies.

During her Postdoctoral Fellowship at UNB she will research and write a cultural history of fog in Atlantic Canada. Fog is ubiquitous here, a presence that drifts in and out of countless moments and experiences. A confluence of nature and culture, its presence has inspired stories, representations, and sensory and emotional responses that reveal the historical contours of life in the region. A sustained attention to fog offers new entry points into histories of science, settler colonialism, seafaring, and daily life across Atlantic Canada. For more information about her work, visit