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Dr Marc Milner (Military, War and Naval History) holds his doctorate from the University of New Brunswick.

Dr Milner is best known for his work on naval history. He is the author of North Atlantic Run: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys (1985), The U-Boat Hunters: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Offensive Against Germany's Submarines (1994) and Canada's Navy: The First Century (1999), and is the co-author of Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945 (1993). He is the author of the popular works HMCS Sackville 1911-1985 (1998) and Incident at North Point (1998), a historical novel. His 2003 book Battle of the Atlantic, won the C.P. Stacey Prize for the best book in military history in Canada and has been translated into Polish. His works have also appeared in German, Spanish, Chinese and Braille, and he wrote the "Battle of the Atlantic" entries for both The Oxford Companion to the Second World War (1994) and The Cambridge History of the Second World War (2015).

He was formerly employed with the Directorate of History at the Department of National Defence, Ottawa, and wrote portions of the second volume of the RCAF's official History, and wrote the first narrative for the new official history on the RCN. Between 2005 and 2015 he wrote a regular column for Legion Magazine on Canadian naval history. For his years of work on Canadian naval history Dr Milner was awarded the "Admiral's Medal" in 2017 by the Royal Canadian Navy and the Naval Association of Canada.

Dr Milner is also co-editor of the New Brunswick Military Heritage Project book series, has edited Canadian Military History: Selected Readings (1993), and co-edited, Military History and the Military Profession (1992). His articles have appeared in Military Affairs, Acadiensis, RCN in Retrospect, Canadian Defence Quarterly, Horizon Canada, The RUSI Journal, Journal of Strategic Studies, The Canadian Encyclopaedia, The Mariner's Mirror and elsewhere. 

In the last decade Dr Milner's research interest has shifted to the Normandy campaign of 1944. In 2006 he published D-Day to Carpiquet: the North Shore Regiment and the Liberation of Europe, and his 2010 article "Stopping the Panzers" in The Journal of Military History, won the 2010 Moncado Prize for the best article.  Building off that work his latest book, Stopping the Panzers: The Untold Story of D-Day appeared in 2015 and was awarded the US Commission on Military History "Brigadier General James Collins Book Prize" for the best book in military history in 2015-16. 

Dr Milner served for twenty years on various oversight boards for Canadian military education establishments, including the Minister's Advisory Board on Canadian Military Colleges, the Board of Visitors of the Canadian Forces College and more recently was the Board of Governors of the Royal Military College of Canada. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society of Military History, member of the Board of the Canadian Battlefields Foundation, and in 2016 was appointed Honourary Colonel of 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron, RCAF.

Dr Milner is the Director of UNB's Brigadier Milton F. Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society.