Elizabeth Arnold Graduate Admin. Assistant Tilley Hall 120
David Bent Contract Academic Instructor Tilley Hall 108
Cindy Brown Director of Honours Tilley Hall 45
Jeffrey Brown Associate Professor Tilley Hall 113
Wendy D. Churchill Associate Professor Tilley Hall 133
Sarah-Jane Corke Associate Professor Tilley Hall 139
Nancy Day Office Manager, The Gregg Centre Tilley Hall 43
Stephen Dutcher Adjunct Professor Campus House 1
Kelsey Hovey Administrative Assistant, Acadiensis Tilley Hall
Bonnie Huskins Adjunct Professor Tilley Hall T108
Sean Kennedy Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Tilley Hall 109
Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy Associate Professor Tilley Hall 115
Lori Leach Contract Academic Instructor
Elizabeth Mancke Professor Tilley Hall 136
Erin Morton Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Acting) Tilley Hall T117
Sasha Mullally Professor Tilley Hall 138
Janet Mullin Honorary Research Associate Tilley Hall 108
Misty Sullivan Administrative Assistant Tilley Hall 119
Lisa Todd Professor, Chair Tilley Hall 116
Angela Tozer Assistant Professor Tilley Hall 114
Lee Windsor Associate Professor Tilley Hall 46