Daniel Doerksen

Honorary research professor





BA (Manitoba), MA, PhD (Wisconsin)

Daniel Doerksen’s main areas of interest are seventeenth-century poetry and prose, English Renaissance literature, the Bible both as literature and as background for English literature, and historical scholarship. He is the author of Picturing Religious Experience: George Herhert, Calvin, and the Scriptures (U of Delaware Press, 2011), Conforming to the Word: Herbert, Donne, and the English Church before Laud (Bucknell U Press,1997), and has edited, with Christopher Hodgkins of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, a collection of essays, Centered on the Word: Literature, Scripture, and the Tudor-Stuart Middle Way (U of Delaware Press, 2004).

His 1974 article on Margaret Avison was reprinted in Poets and Critics and excerpted substantially in Contemporary Literary Criticism (Gale, 1997). He has published articles on Donne, Herbert, Spenser, and Milton, and contributed to the Spenser Encyclopedia. He has also been a contributing editor for the Donne Variorum project, Associate Editor for English Studies in Canada (1977-85), and Book Review Editor (1991-97) for Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme. He has projects on the context for Donne and Herbert’s contributions to religious toleration, and on a book-length study of Donne and the Bible.