Annette Wetmore

Alumni Student Engagement Coordinator

Alumni Office/Associated Alumni

Alumni Memorial Building 105

1 506 447 3218

I would argue that I have the best job in the Alumni Office as I get to interact with both our amazing alumni and the awesome students on campus. I am sure that my office colleagues might disagree with me about this…but they would be wrong – haha!

On one hand, part of my job brings me in contact with former grads who are interested in planning events and activities that will allow them to get together with their classmates. Planning meetings with the various reunion group include fantastic stories about UNB, a chance to witness the warm of longtime friendships and an opportunity to hear what UNB was like in years past.

Perhaps what I love about this part of my job the most is when the actual reunion occurs and I get to witness the emotions and joviality of alumni as they meet up with a fellow classmate that they have not seen in years, sometimes decades – it is amazing!

Another part of my job lets me work with current students through grad class activities, campus clubs and societies and alumni-student events. I love the energy and enthusiasm that I get to witness every time I hang out with UNB students. There is so much potential in all our students – to be able to witness their projects, research, community involvement and leadership on a daily basis is a gift.