Important Dates & Pre Travel Information

2019 Travel Study Program Deadlines:

2019 Travel Study Program Deadlines

 At time of Application a minimum fee payment of $1000 due to hold your spot

January 11

  • Participants are encouraged to make an additional fee payment. If you are unable to make a second payment by this date, we ask that you contact the travel study team to confirm your payment arrangements.
  • All participants paying by student loan must submit proof of their student loan application by January 12.

February 01

  • Last day to withdraw from program without penalty.  After this date, all withdraws will be subject to a $300 administration fee


  • Last day for participants paying by student loan to submit their Needs Assessment Form

March 8

  • All required documentation (Passport/Travel Visa, International Medical and Travel Insurance, etc) must be submitted by this date.

April 1

  • Flight Itinerary must be submitted by this date

PLEASE NOTE:  Programs must have a minimum number paid in full students for the Travel Study Program to proceed as planned.
If your program is canceled, all payments you have made up to and including the date of cancellation will be refunded to you.

Course Registration

Course Registrations
You can choose to take courses for credit or to audit courses offered during your Travel Study program. The program fee is the same if you take course credit or audit.
Note: UNB students receiving a Student Abroad Bursary or Award cannot take courses for audit.

If you are a current UNB student, you will be automatically registered for your Travel Study courses. If you withdraw from your Travel Study program, you will automatically be dropped from these courses. If applicable, UNB Financial Services will be notified and an appropriate refund will be issued to you based on the Travel Study Refund Policy.

Are you a current UNB student? 

  • If you are planning to make your travel study count toward your degree, discuss your plans with your Academic Advisor for guidance.

Are you a student from another university?

  • We require that you submit a letter of permission from your affiliated institution to apply to UNB as a visiting student.

Are you a UNB retiree, Alumni or a Travel Enthusiast?

  • You can opt for non-credit or audit courses.  Apply to UNB as a mature student – “No Degree”.

Pre Travel Information

Prior to departure, you will receive additional information from your Travel Study program. Please pay attention to all details relating to your program, and contact us if you have any questions at

Medical & Travel Insurance

Proof of international medical insurance is REQUIRED for the dates of your selected travel study program.

Travel Insurance is required as delays or unexpected events abroad may increase or change your travel plans.

Passports & Travel Visas

Participants are required to have a valid passport. A copy of your passport is to be submitted together with your application. NOTE: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you expect to return to Canada. To avoid delays, you are encouraged to apply for your passport once you have been advised the program will proceed, if you do not already have one.

If you are NOT a Canadian citizen, you are responsible to check with the consulate of the country you plan to visit and inquire about travel visa requirements.

For more information regarding passports please visit Passport Canada.

Getting There

It is your responsibility to make travel arrangements to and from your Travel Study destination. Flight(s) and some local travel arrangements (and associated costs) are not included with your program fees (please refer to your intended travel study program for a complete listing of associated costs).

Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received notification to do so.

Each program will post the expected arrival date, location & time, and departure date(s). If you plan to arrive early, or stay longer than your Travel Study Program, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation and accommodations during this time.


Tourist class hotels and student residences are most often booked for our Travel Study programs. These properties generally have private washrooms (unless otherwise specified) and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Accommodations are booked for the specific dates of your Travel Study program. If you wish to arrive early, or stay later than your program, you are responsible for booking and paying for your pre-travel/post-travel accommodations separately.

Participants are usually booked in double or triple rooms. However, some Travel Study programs offers single room accommodation for an additional fee. If you would like to book a single room, please indicate your preference at the time of your application in order to adjust your program fee.

If you wish to share a room with someone who is also registered in your Travel Study program, you must indicate at the time of applying to the program. While we try to accommodate all rooming requests, UNB reserves the right to accommodate the group based on registration numbers and accommodation availability.

UNB Travel Study Program reserves the right to change accommodation locations. Should it become necessary to change locations, we will arrange for a comparable accommodation.

Guests (including spouses, children, other family members, friends, etc) are not permitted to stay in Travel Study housing or attend Travel Study related activities.

Please note that every effort will be made to follow the program but some field trips or activities may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or last minute events. Every effort will be made to find a comparable replacement, as time permits.