Spend Six Weeks in Europe with UNB’s Travel Study Programs!

 In 2018, it will be possible for students to combine two of the Travel Study Programs for a six-week experience, either as:

a)     Greece and Rome (May 9 to June 17)

b)     Italian Battlefields and Rome (May 5 to June 17)

c)      Paris and Rome (May 6 to June 17)

The Travel Study Programs in Greece, Italy and Paris will finish on May 29, May 27 and May 26 respectively, while the Rome Travel Study Program starts on May 28. Interested students can plan to travel to Rome after their first Travel Study and participate in the Rome Travel Study to earn a total of 12 credit hours in the two programs. 

  • Students will pay the program fees for each program, but will only have to pay one return airfare from Canada to Europe, along with arranging transportation from Athens or Paris to Rome.
  • For further information on setting up a six-week program, contact Professor Kent or Professor Goud.