Internship Process

Once the application process has been completed and the successful candidates has been chosen, there are several administrative tasks which need to be completed before the intern can depart for Malawi.

Step #1:  Confirm the Intern:  The successful candidate will be registered with both CIDA and the University of New Brunswick by filling out and submitting the following forms:

CIDA Participation Form

Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Release Form (UNB)

Direct Depost Form (UNB)

Step #2:  Logistics:  The intern and CPS Supervisor will work together to complete logistical tasks including:

Determine internship timeframe (departure / return)

Purchase flights and insurance (House of Travel)

Obtain vaccinations (including yellow fever), VON

Register with Canadians Abroad (ROCA)

Step 3:  Internship Preparation:  to prepare for the internship the intern (working with his supervisors) must complete the following tasks:

Participate in the Canadian Orientation Course (provided by CIL or CPS)  

Review Emergency Response Plan

Review Internship Budget

Review In-country Strategic Plans as provided

Review internship work plans and reporting requirements as provided

Identify supplies and equipment required to complete internship

Participate in Public Engagement Activities

Provide CPS with copies of passport, proof of insurance, proof of vaccinations, emergency contact information

Step 4:  Submit ALL original forms:  Mail and scan all original signed and dated documents listed above back to Veronica McGinn, Project Coordinator, Centre for Property Studies, University of New Brunswick, P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 5A3

Step 5:  Participate in internship.  During the internship remember to do the following:

  • Obtain necessary visas for the length of stay in-country,
  • Confirmed your ROCA,
  • Ensure you have access to money, 
  • Take pictures directly related to your internship (ie. if you are teaching, get a picture of you in the classroom),
  • Participate in bi-weekly skype calls,
  • Complete the progress reports as requested.
  • Participate in blogging activities

Step 6:  Return Home:  After you return home, remember you will be required to complete the following:

  • Participate in CPS / CIL Reintergration Course
  • Public engagement requirements
  • Submit your photos with descriptions
  • Transfer your knowledge to the next interns
  • Work with members of the CPS to find relevent employment