2011-2012 CIDA IYIP

With the first year behind us and many lessons learned, our CIDA IYIP program is set for another year.  We have made a few adjustments and are excited to build on the foundation developed in year one.

We have experienced the importance of making the right fit among our goals and objectives and those of the interns and our host organizations.  The program is designed to provide Canadian Youth with experience and knowledge to make an important impact both in Canada and around the world. 

This year we have made considerable effort to identify the work which needs to be done in Malawi with the commitment of our Canadian Youth.  We have asked each successful intern to identify skills, knowledge and opportunities they feel will enhance their employability, compliment ther academic careers and help them grow as Canadians.  In partnership with their host organizations, they will design their internship and create work plans which will directly benefit both Canada and Malawi.

Our 2011-2012 Interns . . .

Mzuzu University

  • Mark Stevens, Surveying Intern
  • Rebecca Ramsey, Urban and Rural Planning Intern
  • Jaimie Hutton, GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing Intern
  • Bennett White, Natural Resource Management Intern
  • Emily Ashton, Educational Intern
  • Danielle Wilkins, Youth Development Intern  

Department of Public Service, Government of Malawi

  • Mayme Lefurgey, Gender Intern
  • Holly Woodworth, Gender Intern

Active Youth Organization, Kauma Village

  • Elsa Dinsdale, Infant and Child Health Intern