UNB's International Internship Program

UNB's current International Internship Program operates with the single objective to create the premier university environment by providing an exceptional/transformative education, combining theory and hands on learning in an international setting. 

Our internships are open to any full-time, senior UNB student. We strategically design placements and locations which compliment all areas of study. 

This program challenges our students to reach their full potential and encourages:

  • critical/creative thinking inside/outside the classroom
  • opportunities for students to understand how to take calculated risks, contribute to positive change, and harness innovation at school and in their local and international communities
  • innovative thinking through exposure to different cultures and socio-economic systems
  • increased development activities and experiences.

Students live and work abroad while participating in real and relevant projects in their fields of study.  They build skills, knowledge and experience which provide a competitive advantage after graduation.  UNB students enter the Canadian and International workforce with the goal and ability to make a significant difference.  

Check out our current programs and stay connected while we develop more.

For more information on these internships or program information, contact the Global Learning and Engagement Team