Universite catholique de Louvain

Universite catholique de Louvain

Place de l'universite 1, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

We are currenlty finalising the agreement with this new partner. Students interested in studying in Louvain in 2015-16 should indicate this on their exchange application.


The story of the university is a story of, several dates, different places and two names: Université de Louvain until 1797, and Université catholique de Louvain since 1834.

However, the goal of the university has remained unchanged since it was founded in December 1425 : to spread learning throughout the world, to support a passion for knowledge and research and to train those who, generations upon generations, deal with the burning issues of their time. 


Internships and coop work terms may be arranged for Engineering students.

Website URL: http://uclouvain.be/en-359527.html



Cost: Medium http://uclouvain.be/en-353491.html
External Funding Available: Yes
Availability: 5
Academic Dates:


First semester: mid september  - end Januray
Second semester: end of January - end of June

Course Timetable:

Course catalogue: http://uclouvain.be/en-programmes-etudes.html

Search for courses: http://uclouvain.be/cours.html

Programmes and courses taught in English: http://uclouvain.be/en-programme-anglais.html

Program Type: Exchange , Internship
Language: English , French
Available Subjects: anthropology , archeology , biology , business and entrepreneurship , computer science , economics , french , gender studies , german , history , information and communication studies , international development studies , linguistics , philosophy , political science , sociology , spanish , statistics , world literature and culture studies , engineering - chemical , engineering - civil , engineering - computer , engineering - mechanical
Travel Information: http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/belgium
Practical Information:

Exchange contacts http://uclouvain.be/en-362116.html

French language courses: http://uclouvain.be/en-359568.html

Student guide http://uclouvain.be/en-326638.html

First days as an exchange student http://uclouvain.be/en-355104.html

Visa Requirements: https://www.uclouvain.be/en-326644.html
YouTube Channel: http://uclouvain.be/en-etudiant-international-decouverte.html
Additional Information:

External funding may be available: